OCI base run image with proper font support

TL/DR > We have released our take on creating a base OCI run image for containerized (cloud) deployments of Java applications with support for Jasper Reports and and some commonly used fonts. This derrives from the fact, that base OCI images, although beautifuly lean and otherwise fantastic in almost every other aspect, lack some type-related libraries and fonts. Get it here on GitHub.

We love the base OCI cloud native images for running our Java/Spring based apps and services (as opposed to the bloated full ones). Like so often, also in OCI base images there’s a tradeoff between the size and out-of-box usability. One option is to be (wrong kind of) lazy and just use the bloated full image. Us, being the right kind of lazy, we make our life easier by creating our own base image based on standard one and adding just the needed stuff.

Today we have decided to opensource our take on one of them – the one that adds support for popular Java-based reporting tools and typefaces as it seems this is a common pain for many developers around the globe. It is based on current Jammy Base run image and we will be updating on regular basis to keep it fresh. You can get it here in its GitHub repo. Of course you are welcome to fork it and/or contribute. All sensible pull-requests will be accepted.

Happy Holidays everybody!