Software development of excellence, value and passion

We are a group of highly skilled software engineers based in Prague, Czech Republic with a remarkable track record of quality software and solutions delivered to customers across various industries. Our main expertise is in designing and developing highly scalable, low-latency backends, APIs and dev-ops solutions.

Our primary mission is to make the world a better place by creating state-of-the-art software [#1], delivering exceptional value to our customers and partners [#2] while enjoying fun & challenges along the way [#3].

#1 Excellence

create state-of-the-art software

#2 Value

deliver exceptional value

#3 Passion

♥ & enjoy what we’re doing

The Team

In any great adventure that you don’t want to lose,
victory depends upon the people that you choose.

Eric Idle, Monty Python’s Spamalot

We are an international and inclusive team of cool and easy-going people (as we like to not-so-humbly think!). Above all, we value integrity, talent, respect and passion. Apart from English being a common communication language, Czech, Slovak and occasional French are also spoken in our office.

Meet the founders

Honza Mareš, CTO

Prodigy-level software engineer and architect, the brain and powerhouse of most of our solutions. MFF-UK graduate with a masters degree in SW engineering. Great dev lead, coach and hands-on supervisor of our teams and major endeavours.

Julo Ferianc, CEO

Veteran software engineer and architect with 15y+ experience of both startup and enterprise development and digital transformation projects. VSE Prague graduate, founder and tech lead of several digital ventures. Doer. Skater.

Vassili le Moigne, CHO

Experienced digital transformation strategist and mentor. Ex high-ranking Microsoft executive and investor with several successful exits. People person, innovator and enabler of customer journey success.

Meet the team

Kudos to the rest of the DTForce team whose privacy is greatly valued and honoured in full. So honorable mentions go to our core team members: Markéta, Kristýna, Tomáš, David, our ex-colleague Martin and also to our series of great interns: Antoine, Correntin, Stephane, Jeremy, Paul, Maxence, Jo, Theo, Marie and Quentin.

Technology stack

We are proud advocates and contributors to opensource. We naturally converge to cutting edge technologies and love to experiment, yet we are far from being tech fashionistas and don’t tend to go for short-lived immature tech stacks. Never afraid to challenge old-school solutions, anti-patterns and legacy systems.

Our 4 highest mantras in choosing the right tech for any given task are suitability, ecosystem, sustainability, scalability.


OCI base run image with proper font support

TL/DR > We have released our take on creating a base OCI run image for containerized (cloud) deployments of Java applications with support for Jasper Reports and and some commonly used fonts. This derrives from the fact, that base OCI images, although beautifuly lean and otherwise fantastic in almost every other aspect, lack some type-related …

Contact Us

Open for interesting development challenges and eager to meet passionate new developers who could join our ranks. Get in touch with us today.

DTForce s.r.o.

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